Welcome to the Community Grocery, it’s great to have you as a member and we look forward to getting to know you as you shop in store and come along to the courses we run. We know we gave you lots of information when you signed up with our team, so we thought we’d recap this here for you.

Your Membership

Your membership is for 12-months and is renewable on an annual basis. Memberships are limited to just one per household, and can be used in any of our Community Grocery stores. You can read the full terms and conditions of your membership at the bottom of this page.

Shopping Trips

We are constantly working behind the scenes to make sure we have a great range of stock available for you. You can shop in store multiple times each week (you can see our latest opening hours on our webpage).

When you come in store you can choose the size of shop you’d like to do. Items from across the standard sections of the store can included in your shop. Little Extras are on top of the shop price and are individually priced in store.

The costs of different shop sizes are:

  • Standard shop (12 items): £5
  • Medium shop (18 items): £7.50
  • Large shop (24 items): £10

You can choose up to 4 of any item in your shop (unless otherwise labelled). If you’d like purchase any additional items they are 50p each (excluding Little Extra). Items with coloured stickers ‘count as’ either 2 or 3 or 4 of your shop items

Some items we stock have passed their Best Before date but will be regularly checked for quality. Best Before is simply a guide on when food is at its absolute best until. After this date, it’s perfectly safe to eat and often tastes just as good. We’ll never stock anything past its ‘use by’ date.

Pay It Forward

Members have the option to donate a £5 ‘pay-it-forward’ shop in the form of a gift card to help someone who is particularly tough to keep their family fed. These will be used by members an emergency and one-off.

Please be aware ‘Little Extra’ items or additional ‘standard shop’ items cannot be purchased with a pay it forward gift card.

Courses and Events

Your membership is about more than just food, you get access to the courses being run by the partner church too. You can find out what’s happening in your grocery by heading to our Locations page here and choosing your grocery.

Members can access any of the courses on offer. To so this paid membership is not required, as courses are open and free to all.

Get Involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved in the life of the Community Grocery.

We’re always looking for volunteers to help us keep the shelves stocked and the store running. Whether you’ve got a couple of hours or more time available we’d love you to get involved just ask our team in store and they’ll tell you more.

We’re always happy to receive food donations too, so if you or any businesses or organisations you know can help do get in touch or chat to the team when you’re next in the grocery.

Terms and Conditions

  • Membership costs £5 and is valid for 12 months. This will need to be renewed to continue to access the grocery.
  • Only 1 membership is permitted per household.
  • Your membership gives you access to multiple shops per week, and you can complete these shops at any of our stores. The maximum number of shops is one per day.
  • Each standard shop costs £5.
  • You can choose any 12 items in your £5 standard shop. You can choose a maximum of 4 of each item across the shop (excluding Little Extras). Items with coloured stickers ‘count as’ either 2, 3 or 4 of your 12 items.
  • There is an option to purchase additional items for 50p (excluding Little Extras) from the shop.
  • Members can access any of the courses on offer at the partner church – paid membership not required, courses are open and free to all.
  • ‘Pay it forward’ gift cards are limited and should be used only if you are particularly struggling to pay for a standard shop.
  • Any items you take from the grocery cannot be used for resale.
  • Any chilled or frozen food must be taken home within a 30 minute period and stored in a fridge or freezer until consuming.
  • Some items in our grocery have passed their best before date but are still safe to consume. For any items where this applies it is your responsibility to check them for quality before eating. 
  • If your card is mislaid, please do let us know. Up to one free of charge replacement will be issued per member.