Thanks for signing up for your Community Grocery. Here’s where you can find out how it works and keep up to date with information about your membership, as well as get recipes and other tips as they’re released.

How it works

Terms and Conditions

  • Membership costs £5 and is valid for 12 months. This will need to be renewed to continue to access the grocery.
  • 1 membership is valid per household and can only be used by the named person on the card.
  • Your membership gives you access to two shops per week, and you can complete these shops at any of our stores.
  • Each shop costs £3.
  • There is an option to purchase additional items from the shop which will be clearly marked.
  • Membership gives you free access to any of the courses on offer at the partner church.
  • ‘Pay it forwards’ tokens are limited and should be used only if you are particularly struggling to pay for a £3 shop.
  • Any items you take from the grocery cannot be used for resale.
  • Any chilled or frozen food must be taken home within a 30 minute period and store in a fridge or freezer until consuming.
  • Some items in our grocery have passed their best before date but are still safe to consume. For any items where this applies it is your responsibility to check them for quality before eating. 
  • Best Before is simply a guide on when food is at its absolute best until. After this date, it’s perfectly safe to eat and often tastes just as good. Some items we stock have passed their Best Before date but will be regularly checked for quality. We’ll never stock anything that’s past its ‘use by’.
  • If your card is mislaid, please do let us know.


With so many products available in store, there’s so many things you can make. Why not use your shopping from the grocery to make these delicious and easy recipes.

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