Community Grocery

We know that many families are feeling the financial impact of Covid-19, so the Community Grocery is here to help you shop for less.

Offering a range of food options fresh from local supermarkets, you’ll find a wide range of food for the whole family to choose from at a fraction of the cost, meaning you can save money, help the environment and reduce food waste all in one.

But it’s not just about the food. There’s also a range of free extra support on offer at the grocery should you ever need it. Support like job clubs, money management support, healthy cooking classes and much more.

The Community Grocery is being run by the national award-winning charity, The Message Trust, who have called Sharston home for the past 15 years.

How It Started

Covid-19 has changed all of our lives, but throughout this we’ve wanted to do our bit to help our neighbours.

During the first lockdown we delivered 60,000 meals and food parcels to homes and families across Wythenshawe who would have struggled to put food on the table without a bit of extra help.

During lockdown, we provided:

22,000+ cooked meals for families

41,000+ packed lunches for families with children

for over 4 months

But as lockdown lifted the need wasn’t going away, in fact it was getting worse and we couldn’t stand by and do nothing. So, the idea of a Community Grocery was born. And here we are, in Sharston and Salford with our shelves packed full of the best quality food that’s kindly donated to us by supermarkets, ready to help feed families for less and support them along the way.

How It Works

You sign up for a £5 to become an annual member of the Message Community Grocery, giving you access to two weekly shops for £3 each.

Suppliers provide the Message Community Grocery with redistributed surplus food, including fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as packaged and canned goods.

Members can come and shop for their whole family at the grocery giving them access to food for less and helping us all reduce food waste.

Where Our Food Comes From

Lots of the items in our groceries have kindly been donated to us by local supermarkets and food suppliers. If they’d not done this the food would have normally ended up going into landfill, even though it’s perfectly safe and fine to eat!

There are many reasons why food is given to the groceries. Common reasons are that there are packaging mistakes, supermarkets have made errors with ordering, or that the food that ends up too close to or just past its ‘best before’ date for them to sell. As a result, some of the items in the grocery have recently past their best before dates but are still perfectly safe to eat and often taste just as good! All our ‘past best before’ products are regularly checked for quality and we’ll never stock anything that’s past it’s ‘use by’ date. 

You can find out more the difference between best before and use by dates here

As we are reliant on donations from supermarkets we can’t guarantee what items we’ll have in stock for you on each visit, so you may find that you need to do a top up shop later in the week, but your membership allows up to two shops each week. We receive new deliveries every day and you can be the first to see what goodies we have in stock for you by following your local Community Grocery Facebook or Instagram pages.

Our Partners