How We Can Help

We’re here to provide a bridge between food banks and supermarkets, helping keep families fed so that no-one goes hungry.

To sign up to be a member at one of our Community Groceries, all you need to do is visit your nearest store (see our ‘Locations’ page to find yours) and let one of our team know it’s your first time. We will then get you a form to fill in and explain all about how the groceries work.

All you need to do bring £5 for your annual membership fee*, and a couple of shopping bags to put your £5 shop in and then start shopping. It’s as simple as that!

Being a Community Grocery member means you can shop in store multiple times each week, helping you save on your shopping budget. We have stores across the country and your membership can be used in them all.

A typical shop can include:

Bakery item

Fresh fruit or veg

Canned or boxed shelf items

Non-food item

Freezer items

Chilled items

Optional ‘little extras’ can be added to the shop and are all priced separately. You’ll find these on the little extras shelf in store as well as in the little extra fridge/freezer.

Access Support

The Community Grocery is about more than food.

Your membership gives you free access to the courses running in store too. Whether you are looking to learn a new skill or want to meet new people, there will be something available for you. Check out some of the courses available below.

What’s cooking

Come and learn how to feed your family with delicious food on a budget.

Money Course

Ever wanted to be better at managing your money and know how to make simple budgets? Come and find out how.

Life skills

Come and have fun that will brighten your day and change your life as you learn new life skills.

Debt advice

Call Christians Against Poverty on 0800 328 0006 (free call) to book an appointment for their free debt help service.

One-on-one support

Need someone to listen and help? Talk about the challenges your currently facing in confidence with one of our trained counsellors.


Want to know more about faith and Christianity? Come and get your questions answered on our exploring Christianity course

To get involved you can sign up for courses next time you are in the store.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Reduce Waste

At The Community Grocery as well as saving money on food, you’re helping save the planet too!

A lot of the food has been supplied to us as it’s close to or just past it’s best before date, and would have likely been thrown away despite being perfectly fine to eat. Everything we supply will regularly be checked for quality and we’ll never stock anything that’s past it’s best before date.