Photo consent form

There are strict laws regulating photo and video consent – within GDPR a photo/image is seen as personal data.

Whenever you are looking to share a photograph or video of an under 18, a vulnerable person or an individual (even within a group context), written consent must be in place. For many members, they will have been asked if they consent when they signed up as a member. Before taking a photo check your systems to see if this is in place. If not, ask them if they would be happy to photographed/videoed and ask them to complete the form below.

Change of photo consent

If you become aware of a member whose circumstances change or they indicate that they want to remove their photo and video consent please let The Message communications team know immediately and we will work with you to ensure that any central images with them included are deleted from our systems.

For security all photographs taken of the Community Grocery and your members that are to be retained for future use must be stored centrally, and not stored on phones, cameras, WhatsApp or any other devices/mediums. A link to where images are to be uploaded will be provided for you and you will have constant access to this to obtain images again in the future.